Myth and Reality about Knee Pain
Myth and Reality about Knee Pain
Myth and Reality about Knee Pain

Common misconception about knee pain
1.Knee pain is due to arthritis.
2. Take complete rest for knee pain
3. Dont do any exercise when u have knee pain
4. If u have knee pain n u use cane...that means u have to use cane
forever 5. Don't do squats at all
5. You can't run if you have knee pain
6. Surgery is the only way to get better if you have knee pain
 Reality: Knee pain can be because of
1. Sedentary lifestyle and long sitting hours.
2. Long standing job and too much stair climbing.
3. Ligament tear.
4. Cartilage tear.
5. Osteoarthritis knee.
6. Rheumatoid arthritis knee.
7. Deficiency of calcium and vitamin D in body.
8. Muscle imbalance knee.
9. Muscle strain in knee.

Sign you should not ignore if you have knee pain

 1. If you are suffering from knee pain for more that 4 weeks and it's not getting better with rest

2. If you start limping and your walking gait is affected badly due to knee pain

3. If you have swelling in knee and it's not getting better

  1. When you have fever and chills with knee pain 

5. If knee pain is affecting your daily routine life

  1. If you have low vitamin D and calcium level in blood 

  1. If you have morning stiffness 
  1. If you see the deformity in knee 

  1. If you have pain in knee while stair climbing 
  1. If your knee is getting stiff and mobility is reducing

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