About Us

TheraCare is a network of therapist-owned outpatient Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine clinics. TheraCare is a leading physiotherapy practice in Delhi & NCR that is setting benchmarks for providing most well researched and latest International standard Treatment protocols & Procedures to bring good health and joyful pain free life to the community.

Thera Care

TheraCare health care Organization was founded by Dr. Sharma in order to spread good health to the community and the society. At TheraCare, our highly skilled and internationally trained doctors are committed to provide most accurate diagnosis and best result oriented treatment approach not only to treat symptoms but to fix the cause as well. Thera Care is a prolific organization developed with the objective of providing highest standard of Treatment for patient’s cure & satisfaction. TheraCare aims to provide best international standards of skilled treatments to improve our patient’s health & quality of life. At TheraCare treatment protocols developed are scientific & research based. The expertise & gracious contribution of our clinicians in India & USA has brought a unique level of clinical skills as well as distinct clinical practice that is patient centered & result oriented.

Multi Capability

The comprehensive dedicated approach towards the patient care is the central element of Thera Care. At Theracare, Our clinicians focus on patient’s detailed assessment to ensure accurate diagnosis and then design an individualized skilled treatment plan to obtain best results for patient satisfaction. Thera Care is revitalizing the field of physical therapy by adopting the latest evidence based practice.

  •   Sports Medicine Clinic
  •    Spine Pain
  •    Pediatric Rehabilitation
  •    Neuro Rehabilitation
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